Beyond Pontypool: Follow-Up Foreign Zombie Flick Picks

Zombies, we love them, they eat us, beautiful storytelling. Madison fans have been telling us for next year's zombie fest, that we should expand our horizons, and feature more foreign zombie films. These films were handpicked by me because of their excellent use of cinematography, or because of their original take on the zombie genre. In this Top 5 list, we have films ranging from the absurd karate action zombie movie, Ultimate Versus, to the modern found-footage classic, REC.

At number 5 is Cemetery Man or by its foreign title Dellamorte Dellamore. In this Italian cult classic a cemetery care giver must kill the dead, again. Kicking the zombie genre on its ass, at number 4 is Ultimate Versus, A bad ass karate movie where the dead come back as untouchable karate masters. Slowly walking its way to number 3 is Stalled, an underrated british comedy where the zombies have just as much character as the humans. At number 2 The Spanish found-footage classic Rec, is a cinematic zombie movie so tense that you will be on the edge of your seat. Slicing its way to number one, is the new classic Dead Snow. This excellently shot and beautifully written Norwegian zombie film is my top pick, because of it's tremendous use of action while maintain the dark-comedy tone; this is reminiscent of the Evil Dead series.


Ryan's Top Five


 5. "Dellamorte Dellamore" (1994) -Italy

4. "Ultimate Versus" (2000,2004)- Japan

3. "Stalled" (2013) -U.K.

2. "REC" (2007) Spain

1. "Dead Snow" (2009)-Norway